Our devotion to the local public library

The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.

—Albert Einstein

Visiting our local public library marks a true measure of enjoyment for myself and my clan. My husband visits the library closest to his place of employment just about every week for new reading material, audio books to listen to during his commute, and usually with a book or two in hand for the kids. Myself, I avail from the convenience of reserving books and media online for all of us. When I learn about a new book I’d like to read, I immediately look to my local public library, first, and then to our state’s online database for the Kindle version, as well. I visit the library many times each month, and I will never stop finding enjoyment in the fact that thousands upon thousands of books are available, at no cost, to anyone whom wishes to browse the shelves and carry a card. It’s amazing. And finding books and materials there is only one of the countless reasons to visit your local public library (such as for their free, community classes and experiences for children, adults, seniors). If you’ve not frequented your local public library, I kindly urge you to do so! I promise your joyfulness measure will increase immediately.

Here is a glimpse of the latest books we’ve borrowed from our local library:

Library List for 2.1.19


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