Library Lot: President’s Day 2019

Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card.

– Marc Brown

My children were some of the lucky ones still able to savor this President’s Day as a holiday. I’ve heard of so many schools (my nieces’ and nephew’s, included) who had to trade their holiday for a make-up day due to an abundance of weather-related school closings. Blessed, we were able to sleep in and savor the morning together, then spend our afternoon at the local library and pick up our latest stack of borrowed reads.

Here’s a peek at our latest public library lot:


My Lot:

Book Babe’s Lot:

Book Girl’s Lot:

Book Boy’s Lot:


We would love to know (Please, add your comments!):

  • Have you made a trip to your local public library this month?
  • What books are you reading, and enjoying, now?
  • What books are in your reading pile?
  • What books or genre of books do you most recommend to your family and friends?

I have found the most valuable thing in my wallet is my library card.

– Laura Bush

2 thoughts on “Library Lot: President’s Day 2019

  1. Felicity read and enjoyed the Grace book, and I confess to having watched the movie with her — twice! It is so upbeat and pretty that I can’t help it.

    She enjoys the Owl Diaries as well. She is currently reading Mandie books and the Boxcar Children.

    Xavier pours over Busytown.

    I am out of books to read and am waiting on reserved books to come in. They are all from blogger Sallie Borrink’s list of recommended books about simplicity.

    I LOVE living within walking distance to the library.


    1. Lydia didn’t know there was a Grace movie, but now she’s excited to see it based on your glowing review! The Owl Diaries are some of her favorite books, too. We are envious about your being in walking distance to the library. We may attempt a bike ride to ours this summer! Lydia was just saying yesterday how she does NOT like being out of books to read. She says it makes her “bored!” We hope your stack of books are available soon. I’ll have to check out some of those simplicity titles. I’m a bit obsessed with minimalist, frugal living, and simple living ones, myself!


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