Book Review: Spirit Week Showdown (Peachy and Keen)


Reviewed by: Bookworm Girl

Title: Spirit Week Showdown (Peachy and Keen)

Author: Jason Tharp

Genre: Fiction, humor

Number of Chapters: 9

Number of Pages: 96

Where did you find this book?

My mom saw it on a featured book shelf at the library and asked if I’d like to read it (because I love unicorns!)

What did you like the most about this book?

What I liked the best in the book is that Peachy (one of the cats) and Gertie (the unicorn) won the video viewing contest. They were my favorite characters in the story.

What would you tell your best friend about this book?

 I think you will like this book because it has cute animals in it, it’s a funny story, and it made me feel good reading it. There are more stories in the series, and I can’t wait to read them!

Why do you think another kid should read this book?

You should read this story if you like animals or books with animals as the main characters.  The animals go to school at Happy Tails School, all the animals are friends, and some of the words and pictures in the story are related to animals (like, instead of YouTube, it’s called “MooTube”; the pep rally is called “pup rally”; and when Gertie and Peachy give advice instead of saying, “Be positive” they say “Be Pawsitive!”). This is a happy story with colorful and fun pictures. 

Any additional comments:

Jason Tharp, the author and illustrator, was one of my mom’s high school classmates and friends! She remembers that he was always drawing, smiling, funny, and kind. You can learn more about him here.

You can watch him teach you how to draw Gertie and the other Peachy and Keen characters here.

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