About Us

There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we believe we left without having lived them, those we spent with a favorite book.

― Marcel Proust, Days of Reading

Welcome to Book Joy, my family’s blog dedicated to our shared love of reading books. We’re so glad you are here with us.

I’m the Joyful Reader: seasoned mom and devoted wife, voracious consumer of the written word, creative writer, joy-seeker, nature enthusiast, and tea snob.

Our Bookworm Boy is presently a sixth grader. An NFL football fanatic and Cleveland Browns’ devotee, he’s a creative mind and natural engineer. His favorite pastimes are: Boy Scouts, running, playing football, building Lego, making stop-action movies, drawing, and playing outside.

The Bookworm Girl is a third grader, and big believer in unicorns. An aspiring ballerina, she enjoys reading classics and books in a series, acrobatics, playing dolls, writing in her diary, drawing and creating, and hugs. She likes to pass her time away by dancing, reading, and playing outside.

The Bookworm Babe attends preschool a few times per week. He plays hard, smiles brightly, and increases both the joy and energy level of our home. Following in his big brother’s footsteps, our littlest one is a Lego builder, puzzle fanatic, and train, truck, and car enthusiast. His favorite pastimes involve playing soccer and football in the yard, riding his bike, collecting sticks and rocks, watching PBS Kids, and being his older brother’s shadow.